Alyssa's Rants
Bullies….. really??

Ok so my new blog has not really been introduced so I’m going to jump right in. I wanted a place to write down my ideas on big issues in an effort to help someone somewhere. I don’t have to change the world but if I can change one person’s life I’d be happy.

So My first topic I want to address is bullying. Why on earth does a person feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel better? I do not tolerate bullying one bit! I feel like people should be secure with who they are and surround themselves with people that reflect who you are. To anyone being bullied out there my advice is to not keep it a secret. TELL SOMEONE. Tell a friend, teacher, parent, guardian, random person, anyone. They can help you! And to anyone who has a friend tell them they are being bullied. Don’t just say it will get better or say suck it up. Bullying can be very dangerous. It can lead people to do drastic things! People around the world… LET’S STOP BULLYING!!!